Col. Graydon K. "Rocky" Eubank

Commander, Peshawar Air Station, July 1967 - June 1969

Photos and Memorabilia of Peshawar Air Station

Thanks to Karen Eubank and Daun Yeagley for scanning these images.  All documents were provided by Mrs. Ruth Eubank and daughter Karen while attending the 2004 PAS Alumni Reunion.  These files can also be accessed directly through the root directory on Daun's web server by clicking this link -




Base Closing

Mel Goodweather, Amir Kahn and Rocky Eubank

Change of Command

Washington Post Article April 1969

Ambassador Oehlert and wife

PCS Orders to PAS

UPI Base Closing Announcement
Karen Eubank and Littlebit

PCS Orders (Page 2)

San Antonio News Article (June 69)
Karen Eubank on camel

Special Order

Richard Smart, Gen Coira and Ruth Eubank Effectiveness Report Misc.
Ruth Eubank Mary Richards Liz Heslep Effectiveness Report (p2)
Ruth, Rocky and driver Amir NSA Letter 29 Jul 69  Eubank Bio-1, Eubank Bio-2
Letter to NSA 17 Jul 69 PIA Tickets


Domestic Medical Certificate Pak AF Christmas card 
2008th Honorary Membership Afghanistan Visa Application
St Michaels school letter (p1) PIA Dog Ticket Visa Application (p2)
St Michaels school letter (p2) Mystic Lamp Pg-1 , Pg-2 , Pg-3
Letter from Amb. Oehlert 9 Jun 69 Pg-4 , Pg-5 , Pg-6
Embassy Letter 15 May 69 PAS Civilians Newsletter (May 69)
Letter from Amb. Oehlert 2 Feb 68 (p1) Newsletter (Page 2)
Amb. Oehlert Letter (p2
Col. Eubank's Funeral Program (p1)
Col. Eubank's Funeral Program (p2) 

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