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Peshawar Air Station, Peshawar, Pakistan   





Name:Arthur H. Kniep
Location:Harrisville,Michigan, 48740
Comments:I remember the outside theatre, a highway board, the extreme dust storms and playing outside in 95 degree heat... We took a tour bus to Taxlia, an old city with a museum.. I remember belly dancers on base during festive celebrations.. I remember the ten day route to Peshawar thru N. C. to Bermuda, Azores, and Tripoli then to Karachi then Peshawar.. Ill send photos later...Goodbye to another world and time...Regards to all who served... I also remember Gary Powers who came thru here, only much later discussed...
PAS Tour Dates: Feb 1960-Feb 1961
Flight or Section: Base Supply
AFSC: R64550
August 30, 2002 00:49:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Andrew N. Trayler
Location:Cushman AR 62526
Comments:I formed the best relationships of my whole life at Peshawar Air Station.
PAS Tour Dates: August 1965 - Jan l967
Flight or Section: Finance Office
AFSC: Deputy Accounting and Finance Officer.
August 28, 2002 02:24:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Mike Yoder
Comments:For those who share Jaime Torres sentiments about Peshawar, come visit my site about life in the 6937th. Featuring a streaming audio version of "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", unflattering pictures of the locals and raunchy war stories. http://www16.brinkster.com/mikeyzinaz/IHTFP.htm IHTFP
PAS Tour Dates: Dec. 67 - Mar 69
Flight or Section: Accounting and Finance
AFSC: 67151
August 27, 2002 02:27:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Jaime Torres
Location:Orlando, Florida
Comments:None I hate that Place
PAS Tour Dates: Jun 65 - Sept 66
Flight or Section: Accounting and Finance Office
AFSC: 67170
August 25, 2002 03:59:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Dale Morse
Location:Bath, NY 14810
Comments:Does anyone remember the AF Medic by the name of Smith- Nickname of "C CUP" 66 or 67 years
PAS Tour Dates: 15 Dec 65 to 26 Feb 67
Flight or Section: SOU 23 US Army
AFSC: 33B20-intercept equipt. repair
August 24, 2002 19:09:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Dennis Ogorzaly
Location:Williamsburg, VA
Comments:Correction to PAS tour dates...must be my age!
PAS Tour Dates: Jun 63 - Aug 64
Flight or Section:
August 24, 2002 12:10:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Dennis Ogorzaly
Location:Williamsburg, Va
Comments:Really enjoy the effort everyone is putting out here to reflect what we as past members of Security Service and PAS did, at great sacrifice, but for a worthy effort. Several folks not listed, Terry Kilpatrick (deceased), Robert 'Bob" Opsatnick, Jim Keyser Robert "Bob" Lemke, Victor "Bax" Baxter. Hope you hear from others.
PAS Tour Dates: Jun 60 - Aug 61
Flight or Section: "Charlie" Trick "Bandits"
AFSC: 29450
August 24, 2002 11:55:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Jerry Garrett
Location:Sandusky, Ohio
Comments:I was in Peshwar from January of 1967 thru June of 1968 as a Ditty-Bopper. The Website is great and brought bank many memories of old friends.
PAS Tour Dates: 1/67-6/68
Flight or Section: Baker
AFSC: 292X1
August 23, 2002 15:32:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Bob Haines
Comments:hmm, why didn't the web page URL show??? Here it is: http://members.aol.com/RobertAHaines//webpagedraft.htm
PAS Tour Dates:
Flight or Section:
August 19, 2002 17:29:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Bob Haines
Location:Eustis, FL
Comments:I finally had time to put together a brief web site w/some of my old, somewhat tattered pics. Next summer, i will find my slides and post them. i have an entire series of xmas slides of the decorated barracks, and many other slides. the current web site url is after Pakistan, i went back to Keesler as a 702x0, then to 6917th (San Vito, Italy)where i made SSgt, back to HQ USAFSS for the summer and fall of '68, then to HQ 7th AF, SAM/ELINT at Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon before leaving the AF in 2/70. Unable to get back in the AF, I served as a Navy chaplain from 9/81 - 5/94, the hilite of that service being w/the 2nd Marine Division in Desert Storm. But of all that, the Charlie Bandits were my favorite comrades.
PAS Tour Dates: 4/64 - 8/64
Flight or Section: Charlie "bankhead" bandits in the trailers outside
AFSC: 29430
August 19, 2002 01:29:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Geoffrey Cline
Location:Annapolis Junction, MD
Comments:Was a "pounder" stationed at PAS with USA SOU-23.
PAS Tour Dates: August 1968 - September 1969
Flight or Section: Army! USA SOU-23
AFSC: Equivalent to 207X2
August 18, 2002 02:08:07 (GMT Time)

Name:John Haar
Location:Onalaska, Wis. 54650
Comments:I was at the 6937th only about 8 months because I went back stateside on emergency leave and got reassigned in the states until my hitch was up in Dec of 1966.
PAS Tour Dates: Oct 65 to May 66
Flight or Section:
AFSC: 29251
August 17, 2002 18:35:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Gary Rutledge
Location:Clinton Township, MI (near Detroit)
Comments:Great to see the interest in this site growing. Good ole Peshawar Air Station remains in the hearts and minds of all of us that served. I am planning some new things for the site but business matters have prevented me from getting much accomplished lately. Look for many new photos; a new database of PAS Alumni that list current location and e-mail address; and hopefully, another installment of PAS History from Milt. Regards, Gary
PAS Tour Dates: July 1966 - Sept. 1967
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 292X1 (2T from 6981st Elmendorf)
August 17, 2002 16:42:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Richard (Dick) Klein
Location:Seattle, WA
Comments:Greetings! Great reading and remembering about our "15 Months in Hell." Does anyone remember the Oktoberfest held in '68, where tables were set up in the street outside NCO club, with wives dressed in German costumes, serving beer? I still have the beer stein from that. Also bribed a wife to take off her garter, and give me a kiss....I think I had to promise a $5 tip to get them! Too many memories to recount here.
PAS Tour Dates: 11/67 - 02/69
Flight or Section: Baker
AFSC: 202
August 15, 2002 21:49:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Milton Fulghum
Location:Saint Charles, MO
Comments:Just checking in to read the new stuff that people have posted. It is so fun to browse this site!! Keep up the good work, Gary.
PAS Tour Dates: Dec67-Feb69
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 294x0
August 14, 2002 18:57:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Richard (Dick) Littlefield
Location:Sierra Vista AZ
Comments:Only 15 months of my 22 year USAFSS career I could have done without. Still have my "ARE YOU A TURTLE?" card and my ROYAL ORDER OF THE SOBs (Sons of Budabar) certificate.
PAS Tour Dates: Sept 62 - Dec 63
Flight or Section: Able Flight
AFSC: 292(207)X2
August 14, 2002 17:54:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Roger Tyler
Location:Stockbridge, GA
PAS Tour Dates: Jan 1969 - Dec 1969
Flight or Section: Dispensary, Medic, X-ray Tech
August 14, 2002 14:52:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Lynn Clemons
Location:Harrisburg PA
Comments:It's been a long strange trip.
PAS Tour Dates: Jan 69-Oct69
Flight or Section: 2008
AFSC: 36350
August 13, 2002 02:48:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Tom Jenner
Comments:Just came across this page,, really brought back memories. I was with the ASA and was at that "place" in '66-'67 (can't or don't want to remember the exact dates). I spent most of my spare time at the NCO club, convenient since as I recall our barracks was right across the street from it. I know us ASA guys were not the most popular people at that place (with good reason now that I look back at it). Promotions in the Army at that time were obscene to you guys. At least the 2T's were in about the same boat and we did get to get away from the place once in a while. I remember trips to Lahore a couple times in the black chevy station wagons driven by our Paki drivers. That is a story in itself. Great site and will check in from time to time.
PAS Tour Dates: 66-67
Flight or Section: US Army Security Agency
August 6, 2002 20:15:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Ed Perdue
Location:Columbus, Ohio
Comments:I was initially assigned to the 6937th as a 292X2 but retrained into Accounting & Finance. Finally retired from the Air Force in May 1993 and now working civil service at DFAS Columbus
PAS Tour Dates: May 64 - Jul 65
Flight or Section:
AFSC: 67253
August 6, 2002 03:10:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Paul Buckman
Location:Hannibal MO 63401
Comments:This is a great site. I check it frequently hoping to find some old friends. I was with the 2008th and worked in Comm. Center. Also worked at night at the Base Theater was the manager and took tickets. Spent a lot of time also at the bowling alley, and the club.
PAS Tour Dates: March 1968 - April 1969
Flight or Section: 2008th Comm Sq.
AFSC: 29150
August 5, 2002 19:17:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Mike Gilson
Location:Lafayette, CA
Comments:Would love to hear from guys like Frank Stratton IV, Mike Noonan, Ralph Achenbach, Chuck Piggot and others who shared a great time together.
PAS Tour Dates: Jan 67 to May 68
Flight or Section: Charlie (?)
AFSC: 292X1
July 30, 2002 20:49:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Ed Bauer
Location:Tucson, AZ
Comments:This website (and others affiliated) takes me back 30+ years; It sure doesn't seem that long.
PAS Tour Dates: July 1967 - Oct 1968
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 29450
July 23, 2002 20:17:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Billy H. Patterson
Location:Bedford, VA
Comments:Worked in the Communications Maintenance Section for Capt. Walt Husbands and a host of wonderful technicians. Spent about 11 years in 69-- units and always ran into guys from other assignments. Looks like all I did was go from GAFB overseas, and then back to GAFB. My wife was never stationed anywhere in the states other than San Angelo. Thought that was the only stateside base in the Air Force!
PAS Tour Dates: Sep 68 to Jul 69
Flight or Section: Comm. Maintenance
AFSC: 304
July 19, 2002 19:30:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Rich Moore
Location:Harrisburg, PA
Comments:I served in Peshawar and played guitar with the base band "Soul Survivors" - Stones, Animals, Lovin'Spoonful, Blues - no Beatles, that was too difficult. When we started, we sent our other guitar player (Norm Courney) to Beirut with three hundred dollars and he returned with three guitars and an amp that we both played through. When we left in 67 we sold all the equipment to some young guys who had just arrived and wanted to start a band. I can't remember their name, but maybe it was Jim Sheehan's group. A local Pakistani group, Ivan and the Megatons, wanted to buy our stuff, but we didn't want to be paid in Rupees! Band members also included Capt. Byron Quann on bass, his wife, Pat, and Chuck Giglio on drums. Denny Norwood or Richard Flamminio: get in touch!!
PAS Tour Dates: Oct 1964- Mar 1966
Flight or Section: ?Charlie?
AFSC: 20351 (Chinese)
July 19, 2002 18:09:08 (GMT Time)

Name:John Majors
Location:Louisville, Kentucky
Comments:One of life's experiences.....great, but just once is sufficient. I remember a great bunch of guys. I remember trips to Mangla Dam and some of the wonderful people that I met there. I remember the "smell"......I'll never be able to forget. Charlie Barr, Donald Washburn.......hello! If you read this.........write.
PAS Tour Dates: April 64 - July 65
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight
AFSC: 20250
July 18, 2002 00:53:30 (GMT Time)

Name:John Stalick
Location:Potomac, MD
Comments:I noticed that Ronald W. Pelton isn't on the alumni roster. He was my roommate there, and was there about the same times. Did a lot of gambling and drinking. Went to Syracuse. Ended up NSA, and was the guy who sold the Russkies the secrets on the submarine listening network we had in the North Atlantic.
PAS Tour Dates:
Flight or Section: Able Flight
July 12, 2002 19:15:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Byron Quann
Location:HArrisburg, PA
PAS Tour Dates: 2/65 - 2/67
Flight or Section: Chief, Security and Law Enforcement
July 9, 2002 15:39:16 (GMT Time)

Name:mike planchunas
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Comments:Bean counter in finance.  On the way home our c141 lost primary hydraulic system hour from Pakistan.  Saudi Arabia never saw or heard a louder or harder landing.  Got to Madrid, hit the "strip",  cant remember a thing afterward.  Flight to Charleston delayed twelve hours.  Pilot and Navigator joined us on the strip.  Flight engineer "red lined" the plane until everyone sober.  What a way to celebrate.  Anyone else remember that flight?
PAS Tour Dates: april66-june67
Flight or Section: acctg and finance
AFSC: 67153
July 9, 2002 06:21:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Bob Haines
Location:Eustis, Fl
Comments:Wow, what a web site! As time permits, I will be sharing my own memories and pics of my tour of duty at PAS. Thanks for the memories!
PAS Tour Dates: 4/64 - 8/65
Flight or Section: Charlie Bandits
AFSC: 29430
July 9, 2002 03:03:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Dick Johnson
Location:Raymore, MO
Comments:Was at PAS Oct 68 - Oct 69. Closed the 203 shop R/T to some of you other guys. Was from Iowa at the time I was there. Spent 24 1/2 years in and retired in 91. Have a few items that could be in the photo section, advertisement for PIA and small Camel Seat. Anybody that remembers me, please contact me. Dick Johnson
PAS Tour Dates: Oct 68 - Oct 69
Flight or Section: ABLE
AFSC: 203.....Russian
July 5, 2002 20:22:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Raymond Brzny
Location:Chicago Il.
Comments:Just sent a email to Milton Fulghum about things i remember about PAS to see what pops up I had a lot of fun and it sure was a growing up experience when you 19 years old. What a trip tks Ray Brzny
PAS Tour Dates: 29 May 63 to 21 July 64
Flight or Section: Baker Flight
AFSC: 292x1
July 5, 2002 16:56:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Michael Flint
Location:Aptos, California
Comments:Arrived in Babolsar from 6912th (Berlin) with a van. All but four 292X0's were shipped out, which left me as OPS NCOIC. I lost my cushy job in the van. We borrowed 203's and ditty boppers to fill in. They performed very well, maybe it was only having to work on call. I only got about 5 days off during the whole tour.
PAS Tour Dates: April 60 - Feb 61
Flight or Section: OPS -
AFSC: 29250
July 5, 2002 01:10:16 (GMT Time)

Name:James Rogers
Location:Wallingford, Kentucky
Comments:Believe it or not, Peshawar probably was the best learning experience of my life. Didn't know how much I had till I saw how the other side of the world lived. Was there during 1965 India-Pak war. Tour ran out in Nov 65, but could not get out of country, so I was extended indefinitely. Asst Base Commander came to my position around Dec 19th and ask me if I would like to go home for Christmas. You know the answer. Was probably the fastest processing in history. Had to come back on Pan Am round the world flight. Will never forget mud caked barracks, nightly air raids, and blackouts that caused many a tumble into bushes coming out of ops building. From what I see in recent news, Peshawar hasn't changed much, probably never will!!!! If anyone remembers me, would sure love to hear from you!
PAS Tour Dates: Aug 64-Dec 65
Flight or Section: cant believe it, but I have forgotten
AFSC: 292x2
July 4, 2002 23:47:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Tim Patafio
Location:Westchester County, NY
Comments:Are you a turtle????? You bet your sweet ass I am...
PAS Tour Dates: 67-68 PAS
Flight or Section: Charlie Flt
July 3, 2002 21:02:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Mike Yoder
Comments:Dale, You Bet Your Sweet A$$ I Am! Do you recall "Papa John", the old Pak who headed up a section of laborers on base? Lots of guys would wait until Papa John was among a group of dependents and ask, "Papa John, are you a turtle?" The correct answer was always forthcoming, without regard to whichever tender ears were around to hear it.
PAS Tour Dates: Dec. 67 to Mar 69
Flight or Section: Accounting and Finance
AFSC: 67151
June 27, 2002 16:30:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Dale Morse
Location:Bath, NY 14810
Comments:ARE YOU A "TURTLE"? I carried that membership card for a long time, still have it somewhere. This is test to see if there are any members that will answer the question in the correct way. "Moose"
PAS Tour Dates: 12/65-3/67
Flight or Section: SOU 23 US Army
AFSC: 33B20-intercept equipt. repair
June 27, 2002 10:54:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Joe Adamiak
Location:Odenton, Md
Comments:Arrived in Peshawar in Dec 1967 without any luggage, which never made it to charleston, SC from San Angelo. Finally got it in Mar. Originally was supposed to go To Bangkok, but assignment was changed to Peshawar, talk about best to worst.
PAS Tour Dates: Dec 66 - Mar 68
Flight or Section: Dawg flight
AFSC: 203-2
June 25, 2002 05:30:34 (GMT Time)

Name:Dennis (Mike ) Stamp
Location:San Antonio Texas
Comments:Charlie Flight 1961-1963 Ditty Bop
PAS Tour Dates: Dec 1961-March 1963
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight
AFSC: 292x1 ... -.-
June 24, 2002 03:00:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Bob Warberg
Location:Salem, Or
Comments:worked in Finance Office-Payroll...anyone remember those unofficial "loans" ?
PAS Tour Dates: 12/65-2/67
Flight or Section: ????
AFSC: ????
June 21, 2002 04:23:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Dana C Weekes
Location:South Dennis MA
Comments:As an old SAC man. I really enjoyed the tour wiih USAFSS. A great bunch of guys to work with. Became a Turtle while at PAS and was made an honorary member of the 2008th Comm Sqdn. Served on the NCO Club board and was liason to the Airman's Club. Tried to stay with SS after PAS but was sent to HQ Comd instead of my consecutive selection. Like to hear from any of the old gang.
PAS Tour Dates: Aug '66- Nov '67
Flight or Section: NCOIC Commissary Operations
AFSC: 64270
June 15, 2002 14:38:30 (GMT Time)

Name:James "Panama Joe" Reynolds
Location:1106 Crossbrook San Antonio TX 78253
Comments:I was one of the 2T SSgts coming out of Darmstadt, Germany. I played flag football and did a lot of spring board diving at the pool(also worked as a life guard for a while). CMSgt Bruce H. Barr was the Mission Supervisor on Dog Flight. He did such a good job of motivating me that I stayed in the spook business for 26 1/2 years (spending 21 1/2 years overseas without a state side assignment) and retired as a CMSgt. Many a time folks have asked me what my worse overseas assignment was and I would instantly respond PESHAWAR PAKISTAN. Now at age 61 I have mellowed, but not my attitude about THE SMELL OF PAKISTAN! But the folks I met there were super! I had a really good buddy by the name of Larry (Many Eagle) Tailfeathers. Hard working and hard drinking ditty bop. Regards, Panama Joe Reynolds
PAS Tour Dates: 03/64 thru 06/65
Flight or Section: Dog Flight Operations Morse Section
AFSC: 292X1
June 12, 2002 14:47:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Hanson, Richard (Dick)
Location:Montana (now Washington)
Comments:Good website. I met a lot of good people, whose names now escape me, and had some good times.
PAS Tour Dates: 6/66 to 9/67
Flight or Section: Able (I think)
AFSC: 29251
June 7, 2002 21:46:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Shahid Noor
Comments:Hello!! Bye!!!!
PAS Tour Dates:
Flight or Section:
June 5, 2002 16:56:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Barry P. Green
Location:Brookline, NH
Comments:Was an occasional visitor to PAS, but was living in Peshawar "off the land" in a private home as part of Army Security Agency SOU-23 operation. Later moved to Lahore during '65 war with India. I do remember the PAS as a comforting "glimpse of home" before trekking back to the house in Peshawar. Like the rest of you, I sure wouldn't want to be there now!
PAS Tour Dates: '65-'66
Flight or Section: Army ASA SOU-23
June 5, 2002 12:45:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Terry Dobson
Comments:An interesting, good tour of duty. Did not want to return, however.
PAS Tour Dates: March 65 to May 66
Flight or Section: Don't remember for sure, "A" or "D" I think.
AFSC: 292X1
June 4, 2002 16:22:30 (GMT Time)

Name:David Mashburn
Location:Canton Georgia
Comments:Was in the land of Gunga Din from July 1964 until October 1965. I was a 294 (Electronic Intercept) working in the Bankhead trailers adjacent to the ops bldg. Charlie Flight, returned to USAFSS Hdqtrs at Kelly SFB, was in Peshawar for a small war Pakistan and India had in September - October 1965. The Indian Air Force did a lot of damage to the runway and Pakistan Air Installation at the Airport.
PAS Tour Dates: July 1964 - October 1965
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight Peshawar Bandit
AFSC: 294
June 4, 2002 01:23:25 (GMT Time)

Location:3992 Spot Road, Cumming, Ga. 30040
Comments:I was A1C of TS control from Aug 1961 to Dec 62. Also assigned to Dog trick for a short period of time. I remember the Cuban crisis very well. The Volkswagen bus trips to the Khyber. The gun factory at Kohat. Would like to hear from anyone who was there. Sure glad I'm not there now.
PAS Tour Dates: Aug 1961 thru Dec 1962
Flight or Section: Administration HQ
AFSC: 70250
June 3, 2002 15:10:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Jim Peneton
Location:Grants Pass, OR
PAS Tour Dates: 1967-1969
Flight or Section: Dawg
AFSC: 29450
May 30, 2002 17:04:03 (GMT Time)

PAS Tour Dates: 3 MONTHS - 1969
Flight or Section:
AFSC: 732X0
May 30, 2002 00:48:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Stephen R. Arington
Location:Kittitas, WA 98934
Comments:Thanks for the new page. I would like to hear from anyone who was at PAS 66-67 on Dog trick. I worked for Lt. James O. Birch (Last known in Salem, OR), TSgt Beasely (sp) and TSgt Lenz. I have a lot of memories of PAS and they often come to mind recently while watching the daily news.
PAS Tour Dates: Aug 66-Nov 67
Flight or Section: Dog
AFSC: AF17655646
May 25, 2002 15:01:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Raymond Thibodaux
Location:New Orleans, LA.
Comments: My tour of duty in Pakistan was the worst of my military career. I was sick most of the time that I was there in Pakistan I think my tour there affected my memory because I can't remember my two roommate or anyone else there. So if anyone remembers me let me know. The only one I remember was a Al Emmons who was station with me in Okinawa. And was coming in as I was leaving Pakistan. Ray
PAS Tour Dates: June 1963-Sept 1964
Flight or Section: Comm. Center
AFSC: 29170
May 24, 2002 03:48:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Bill Hurlbut
Location:Medford, Oregon
Comments:Thank you Larry Craig for sending me the PAS web sites. There was a great group of people there during my tour. Through all the years I've wondered whatever happened to the people I knew back then. It would be great to hear from Air Force friends again. Thanks Gary for putting together this site for old friends to get reacquainted.
PAS Tour Dates: August 1964 thru October 1965
Flight or Section: Special Projects
AFSC: 29450
May 23, 2002 02:58:41 (GMT Time)

Name:Gary Rutledge
Location:Clinton Township, MI
Comments:Just checking to see if the guestbook is still working. Been a while since anyone checked in.
PAS Tour Dates: 7/66 - 10/67
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 292x1
May 23, 2002 02:01:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Terry Williams
Location:Orlando, Fla
Comments:Would like to return to Peshawar to see if the PAK Air Force has water buffalos in the pool
PAS Tour Dates: 5/68 - 9/69
Flight or Section: Teletype repair
AFSC: 36370
May 9, 2002 00:50:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Charles R Jones
Location:Glendale, Arizona
Comments:Looking to ger in touch with Louis Cushman, Floyd Frankfort, and Reggie Jackson.
PAS Tour Dates: April 1963 to June 1964
Flight or Section: A flight
AFSC: 29250
May 1, 2002 03:47:19 (GMT Time)

PAS Tour Dates: OCT 66-JAN68?
Flight or Section: ABLE
AFSC: 29231
April 29, 2002 18:18:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Randy Knowles
Location:Gun Lake, Michigan
Comments:Member 2008th Comm Sq (AFCS), Peshawar AS, Pakistan, for 15 months.
PAS Tour Dates: 7 May 68 to 10 Aug 69
Flight or Section: 2008th Comm Sq Control and Briefing Section
AFSC: 30670
April 29, 2002 01:33:39 (GMT Time)

Name:George Binkley
Location:Oklahoma City, OK
Comments:Had my experiences in Peshawa from Jun 64 to Sep 65 on Able Flt as a 292X2. I enjoyed my time there, but have never wanted to return. It sure seems like an eternity ago. It was an experience. Went to Darmstadt Germany from there and spent 3 wonderful years. Retired in San Antonio 1983; civil service from 1985 - present. Moved to OKC when Kelly AFB closed (what a shame). Would like to hear from anyone from that period.
PAS Tour Dates: Jun 64 - Sep 65
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 292X2
April 27, 2002 19:59:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Daun Yeagley
Location:Wilmington, Ohio
Comments:Really glad I found this site. Really would like to find more of the 2008th guys. I've only found one, Randy Knowles (didn't see him in the roster!). Will email him with this URL. I've become much more interested in seeing what things would be like now (still wouldn't really want to be there right now, considering all the "activity"). Sure met a lot of neat guys there, and hope more folks check in! Great site!!!
PAS Tour Dates: July 1968-July 1969
Flight or Section: 2008th-Crypto repair
AFSC: 306
April 25, 2002 02:59:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Mike (Jonsey) Jones
Location:Elizabeth, In
Comments:Just had a reunion with some guys from the 6981st Sec. Group. Elmendorf Alaska. What a blast we had. Gary Rutledge, Dick Gubala and myself were also old 6937th Sec. Gp. alumni. We talked about some of the times we had, some good, mostly bad. Dick Gubala was a basketball coach, but can't remember any guys who played on the team. Anyone remember playing on Dick's team? He said you all stunk, but had a good time traveling around and seeing the sites, ha ha.  Seems like the name of Hawk pops up a lot. Anyone know Hawk? If anyone remembers or knows of someone who remembers Dick, let me know by shooting me an email, and I'll get back to Dick. Gary remembers more than the rest of us about Pak. He tried to make the best of his tour, I don't remember much and neither does Dick, other than it sucked, is all he says, ha ha.  Dick does remember traveling around in a bus with the basketball team to different countries, like India. Let me know of anyone has any info.
PAS Tour Dates: 1967
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 292x1 - ditty bopper
April 22, 2002 19:07:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Milton Meinsen
Location:Hamburg, Iowa
Comments:Sure was a change from England ( 6950 ) get that tee shirt off newbee. Played cards and shot pool when not in the swimming pool. Roger Bak where are you?? Mark in Utah where are you??
PAS Tour Dates: 1966 - 9-1968
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight - 29251 ditty bopper
April 21, 2002 00:10:20 (GMT Time)

Name:Lorenza Harrison
Location:Oakland CA
Comments: It was an experience to visit that part of the world which is steeped in history. I was born and raised in Gary IN but now reside in Oakland CA.
PAS Tour Dates: July 1967 to Sep 1969
Flight or Section: Operations
AFSC: Y292X2
April 18, 2002 18:01:02 (GMT Time)

PAS Tour Dates: DEC 1965 THRU MAR 1967
Flight or Section: CHARLIE
AFSC: 29231
April 18, 2002 00:26:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Robert Humble
Comments:Well, I never was there. USAFSS found that it could do without my services about the same time this site was established. (I married a Japanese girl.) But, it sounds like my kind of tour. I went from USAFSS to SAC, then retrained and had the pleasure of opening a nice little RADAR site at Ubon, Thailand. Good luck to all you guys, it was great to be young.
PAS Tour Dates: Neverrrr
Flight or Section: Not
AFSC: 29 at the time.
April 15, 2002 14:06:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Jerry Hartbarger
Location:Richmond, Va
Comments:Great website - thanks Gary. Just taking a quick look at the website it seems to have a lot of mission folks participating. Well - I am just an old support person - Material (Base Supply) and had a job to do also. While there a many things I would like to forget about this assignment, nothing will ever replace the great memories getting to know a great bunch of guys (Mission & Support) and sharing the 454 days and a wake-up.
PAS Tour Dates: May 1962 - August 1963
Flight or Section: Material (Base Supply)
AFSC: 70250
April 14, 2002 16:28:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Herman Castle
Location:Oppenheim NY
Comments:Ran across the web site the other day and was very surprised. Didn't think anyone would really want to remember being there. It was good to see some of the pictures, brought back some memories. The older I get the less of the bad stuff I remember and just remember the good times and guys that were there.
PAS Tour Dates: Jan-1966 to Mar-1967
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 203x1
April 13, 2002 22:59:20 (GMT Time)

Name:The Wachowiak Family
Location:Warner Robins, Ga
Comments:Followed Tony over 3 months after he had been on station. Took 7 days for travel with 5 children. Very educational for the whole family. Pat's 7th grade class took a class trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, and went to see the Buddha's that were destroyed by the Taliban. Earthquakes quite an experience for the whole family. Visited the site of construction of Magna Dam build by international construction co. Thanks for the web site.
PAS Tour Dates: Sept 63 - June 65
Flight or Section:
April 13, 2002 16:48:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Pat Wachowiak Hickman
Location:Warner Robins, Ga
PAS Tour Dates:
Flight or Section:
April 13, 2002 16:43:05 (GMT Time)

Name:Wachowiak,Tony CMSGT 2008 Com Sq1963 1965
Location:400 Kimberly Rd. Warner Robins, Ga.31088
Comments:Enjoyed my visit for two years and have accomplisshed many thinks. Ex. Maintained trans and Rec forr 15 months for 6937tth for raio trans for Turkey, aswan, Thialand and others. and USA. Presisent of NCO 63 65 and rebuild Nco Cluubn, Set enlisted club for all , bowling Alley, and other Items. Awarded the 6937 and 2008 for Out standind performents and Others. A wonderful place. 1965 and an Msgt ---- to help the Us army at Bainkox thailand to provided communications for the Army and 6937at peshawa. It was repaired in 30 minutes and all was all done. Other stories I could mentioned but maybe I can make contact for all of us.
PAS Tour Dates:
Flight or Section:
AFSC: 2008 com Sq.
April 11, 2002 21:28:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Richard J. McLoughlin
Location:Poersmouth, N.H.
Comments:Was initially assigned as NCOIC, EMO. Later was Group NCOIC. i really loved this assignment. sure missed the family but met a wonderful group of guys. it was one of the better experiences i had in my 22 years. seen and met a lot of wonderful local folks. was there during the 6 day war. gave us something to think about other than home.  I would like to hear from anyone assigned to the Supply sqdn. during this period.
PAS Tour Dates: 65-66
Flight or Section: Group NCOIC
AFSC: 64752
April 11, 2002 19:15:32 (GMT Time)

Comments:Spent some time down at shipping/Receiving waiting for clearance but spent most of tour on Baker flite with SMS Red Harrison. Roomed with Mike Nash and George Kovalcik and Hung with Poo Opitz. If anyone knows where Mike or Poo are I would like to hear from them.
PAS Tour Dates: 4/63-7/64
Flight or Section: Baker
AFSC: 292x1
April 10, 2002 16:21:34 (GMT Time)

Name:Jeff Greenlaw
Location:South Carolina
Comments:That was a long time ago!...Seeing some of the old pictures really brought back some memories...I need to look through my old pictures, scan a few and send them to you...
PAS Tour Dates: July, 1961 to October, 1962
Flight or Section: Dog Flight
AFSC: 292x1
April 9, 2002 21:28:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Joseph T. Soboul
Location:Browns Mills, New Jersey
Comments:Relieved Bill Schaule as Mission Supervisor, Capt. Rex Flt Comdr. and then Lt. William C. Andersen (shavetail, later Colonel) and John Newton Head 202. Rank: TSgt Joe Soboul 203 Iroquois Trail Browns Mills, NJ 08015-6344 PS. I just retired after 54 years of government service (25 AF, rest civil service)
PAS Tour Dates: July 1962 - July 1964
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 29271
April 5, 2002 04:07:06 (GMT Time)

Name:Fred A. Blair
Location:Mobile, Al
Comments:Great web site, this sure bring back some old memories. When I got to Peshawar, there were only about 75 people assigned. Our exchange was a mil-van that was open from 1600-1800. There was plenty of booze, but you couldn't buy a coke, non available. While I was there a small bowling alley and exchange was built. We also had an outside movie where you brought your own chair. We would get a couple of movies a week, if the mail arrived. That was a long year, but it made me appreciate my homeland.
PAS Tour Dates: 4/1959 - 4/1960
Flight or Section: Civ Eng, Diesel Generator Section
AFSC: Generator Repairman
April 2, 2002 17:26:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Art Hug
Location:Edgerton, Ohio
Comments:A great experience but not one that I would like to relive. Enjoyed it as much as possible under the circumstances. You guys that came later looked like you lived in Hog Heaven. Those new barracks and a theatre that didn't double as a church. Its great to read about all of the reminiscence you have. Keep up the great work.
PAS Tour Dates: Oct. 63-Sept. 64
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight
AFSC: 292X1 SSgt. Morse Controller
April 1, 2002 23:35:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Larry "Pete" Hoglen
Location:Mickleton, NJ
Comments:Great Web site. Sure brings back a lot of old memories. Some good and some bad. Made a lot of good friends. Unfortunately, haven't seen or heard from them since. Just reading (now Lt.Col. retired) Capt. Jacobs comments about the rivalry between "D" flight and Ops Daze in football and softball. It was intense but all in good fun. Looking at some of the pictures submitted by some of the guys, makes 40 years seem like yesterday. I'm looking for guys like J.I Brown, Howard E. Clark, Jose Camp
PAS Tour Dates: April 1964 to April 1965
Flight or Section: Ops Days
AFSC: 292x2
April 1, 2002 01:11:59 (GMT Time)

Name:David E. Holliday
Location:Orlando, Florida
Comments:Great Web site. Nice trip down memory lane. Peshawar, West Pakistan terrible place to visit worst place to live. Good friends, good beer, and being the drummer for "Six Below Zero" (THE greatest rock and roll band east of the Khyber Pass) did make those 15 months semi-enjoyable, not to mention the acquaintance of a pretty little red haired daughter of a Warrant Officer.
PAS Tour Dates: Nov 66 - Mar 68
Flight or Section: Charlie
AFSC: 294x0
March 30, 2002 20:18:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Tom Hagan
Location:Cape Cod Ma.
PAS Tour Dates: 9/1/60 thru 1/15/62
Flight or Section: Com/Crypto center
AFSC: 29151
March 29, 2002 22:09:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Joseph Cairnes
Location:Ocean City New Jersey
Comments:Great web site brought back a lot of memories. Pakistan sure made me appreciate I was born in the U.S.A. Roomates Donald George, John Jarvis. Remember IHTFP on Water Tower , Earthquake, Night Kennedy was shot, interesting work , Flag footBall and basketball games, tuna sandwiches in ops, drinking
PAS Tour Dates: Dec. 62 to March 64
Flight or Section: able ( I think)
AFSC: 29251
March 28, 2002 00:38:39 (GMT Time)

Name:David Hemmerlin
Comments:I served with the ASA attatched to the USASOU23 off base detachment in Peshawar.
PAS Tour Dates:
Flight or Section:
March 27, 2002 21:57:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Richard Huestis
Location:Bridport, Vermont
Comments:Thanks for the email, Gary. I think that this is great. I've been trying to remember names of guys from about 35 years ago and it's a little tough. Could it be 'old timer's disease'? I went from Peshawar to Okinawa, barrack on Kadena, worked at Torii Station, does anyone remember the unit number? None of the ones listed on Classmates.com sound quite right.
PAS Tour Dates: 5/67-8/68
Flight or Section: 6937th Charlie Flight
AFSC: 20250
March 27, 2002 04:46:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Ron Dameron
Location:Marion, Illionis
Comments:One of the most interesting experiences of my life is the only discription I can give to my tour at Peshewar. A world we didn't know was out there. Even had the opportunity to go to Kabul for 4 days at the embassy. And establish life long friendships with a bunch of guys of which I still see at our re-unions. But still searching for more. Hope some find this great site and log on. We can talk about the camel saddles, silk suits, cashmere coats, public urinals, trips to the bazaars, old town, Fla
PAS Tour Dates: Oct 63-Dec 64
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight-Operations
AFSC: 292x1
March 27, 2002 03:30:35 (GMT Time)

Name:James A (JC) Cooper
Location:Gnat Flats, Texas (80 miles south of Houston)
Comments:I was in Dog Flight and roomed with Don Barbee and Jim Veatch. Played a little football with Leo James and John Barlow and Sam Moore. Those guys were good. I also kissed a cobra. One of us was drunk. The softball guru Sgt Gordon used to call me Little Jimmy Cooper with the white buckskin shoes. I still remember Luke and Rags. I remember the base Commander putting us in a conex of empty beer cans because we threw one in his yard. And I remember 2 guys stealing 3 camels and riding them around the
PAS Tour Dates: Dec 61 - Mar 63
Flight or Section: Dog Flight (was there others)
AFSC: 292x1
March 26, 2002 23:20:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Steve Huntley
Location:Hollis, NH
Comments:I've noticed that there are more names listed in the classmates site for Pakistan than for England or Germany!
PAS Tour Dates: 66-67
Flight or Section:
March 26, 2002 23:18:11 (GMT Time)

Name:Ronald M Jacobs, Lt Col, USAF, Ret
Location:Laurel, MD
Comments:Great web site. Brings back lots of good and bad memories. Good memories of the many fine people that I met there. The softball and football games (Dog flight beating Ops Daze by one point for the football championship in 65) Calls in the middle of the night. Roads with ditches dug across them and no lites (rather hard on the bicycle and rider at nite). The bearers and the mollies smoking and sharing with the kids their hobble-bobbles. Operation White Cloud. Mail call. The Group commander
PAS Tour Dates: Oct 63 - Jun 66
Flight or Section: Ops Daze (TE Officer & Asst Ops Off)
AFSC: 8035/8016
March 26, 2002 05:04:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Spencer Lauterbach
Location:Richmond, Virginia
Comments:How about those Peshawar Bandits
PAS Tour Dates: 1963 to 196
Flight or Section: Charlie Flight
March 25, 2002 12:26:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Bill Lind
Location:Portland, OR
Comments:I will remember my 11 months at PAS as the longest of my life. Endured the famous India vs. Pakistan 5 day war in 1966 and the blackouts we had to adhere to or get shot at by the local Pakistani troops. Only last 5 days because they both ran out of ammo. I was part of Charlie Co. Did analysis of Chinese traffic that wasn't much more than time of day, temperature, wind speed/direction and little else. Bob Gobel, Dave Sansom are two of the guys who were there with me. Back all the way to Washi
PAS Tour Dates: 7/65-6/67
Flight or Section: Charlie Co.
AFSC: 20305
March 25, 2002 02:52:21 (GMT Time)

Name:bill stratton
Location:briarcliff new york
Comments:went to peshawar in may of 1965 till oct 1966, the to shu lin kou the 6987th, from there to kelly till sept 68. been selling swagelok products since college in 1973. would like to hear from those i served with.
PAS Tour Dates: may65-oct66
Flight or Section: baker?
AFSC: 29251
March 24, 2002 19:37:46 (GMT Time)

Name:Gary Williams
Location:Westlake Ohio (was Akron)
Comments:Was a 203 at Peshawar June 66 to Sept 67, a "2T" Ssgt. in charge of the203's. When I first got there I was put on AP duty driving a Ford van with an M1 carbine and 1 clip - not inserted-and NO radio - just to drive around the interior perimeter all night. Favorite activity at that duty: Popping toads in the road! I believe I was on Able flight. I remember Major Mullaney, a great band at NCO club, flag football, a fine major's daughter at the pool, and a couple guys: Bill Bennet from Akron, OH & (middle name-"Garvis"*[see note below]) from Tennessee. Also a ?Dick? Able (A1c)  from my section - gave him an "astounding" APR. Stayed at the barracks by the fence and had steak cookout with "Cattlemen's" bbq sauce. We were on duty when Kosmonaut Vladimir Komarov bought the farm on re-entry (parachute fouled). Went to Swat with Bennett and "Garvis" - fixed bean soup with ham hocks from scratch by a river-camped out-survived to fight another day. Did NCOD duty for 24 hours - then slept 20 hours. Room fan caught fire just before I bought it for $20 from a short-timer. Weekly C-141 brought my first set of golf clubs, played at the Peshawar Course, avoiding the "Nulla's" (ditches where cobras lived).  Bought a fake S&W 32 pistol in Kohat.  Hope someone I knew finds me. I was the youngest looking ssgt they ever saw!  * NOTE: This guy wouldn't tell me his middle name until he got on the bus to ship out - now I forget his first and last name! I do know we were great friends there- he was a 292, tall and lanky with a thick Tennessee accent, and was friends will Bill Bennet from Akron-my home town then.
PAS Tour Dates: June 66 - Sept 67
Flight or Section: Able (I think)
AFSC: 20351-1
March 23, 2002 23:55:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Armando "Sam" San Miguel
Location:San Angelo, Texas 76903
Comments:Incredible job you have done on this web site. I saw my name someone had entered in the alumni sheet. I was assigned to PAK under the guise of Operation Sandbag from March AFB in April 1958. Arrived in Karachi and then moved up to Peshawar where we (46 original PCS bunch) were housed at the famous 5-star hotel, the Oberoi Dean in beautiful downtown Peshawar. We had to get rid of our uniforms and go into town and get civies made. Best part of the assignment was when we moved into our new quarters
PAS Tour Dates: April 58' to May 59
Flight or Section: NCOIC Non-Morse Section
AFSC: 292x2
March 23, 2002 21:23:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Carey P. McTaggart
Location:Seneca, SC 29672
Comments:I enjoyed my tour. Played a lot of softball. Was a pitcher on the CE/Supply team. Also played a lot of golf. Layed around the pool a lot also. Met some good people there.
PAS Tour Dates: 1968 - 1969
Flight or Section: Civil Engineering
AFSC: 55171
March 21, 2002 04:07:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Tim Sheehan
Location:Berkley, Mi
Comments:Fantastic web site. Hoping for bigger and better things, especially if it brings us back into contact with close friends. Looking for fellow band members of "Six Below Zero", Mike Phillips and Fred Cox. Hope the band made life a little easier for everyone, I know it made my tour bearable.
PAS Tour Dates: Nov. 66 - Mar. 68
Flight or Section: Baker flight
AFSC: 294x0
March 20, 2002 19:00:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Charlie Schriver
Location:North Carolina
Comments:Nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Not bad memories. I am now married to an American that I met in Lahore. We met in Lahore in 1967, dated while I was in Peshawar, did not have any contact from 1969 thru 1995 when we met by chance in Alabama, she was divorced and I was widowed and we got married in 1996. Strange world isn't it.
PAS Tour Dates: 1967-1968
Flight or Section: Forgot
AFSC: 294x0
March 20, 2002 15:27:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Arthur M. "Skip" Noll
Location:Laurel, MD
Comments:What an experience. Basically just a kid and scared out of my mind at first and then intrigued by the whole differentness of it all. Made some great friends and just re-connected with John Strandquist - still looking for Tom Scott if anyone out there has any knowledge of him... Still have many things I sent back ranging from brass to woven baskets to fabrics and prayer rugs. Also lots of patches, Baker newsletters, etc etc which I plan on sending in to share.
PAS Tour Dates: Sept 1967 - Dec 1968
Flight or Section: Baker Flight
AFSC: 20250
March 20, 2002 04:55:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Jim McSpadden
Location:Duncan, Ok
Comments:Would like to hear from Marney, King, Wolf, Fay, etc. Remember heat, cold, earth quake, Nature Boy.
PAS Tour Dates: Jan. 1967 to Mar. 1968
Flight or Section: Base Supply
March 20, 2002 03:57:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Warren (Pat) Souders
Location:Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Comments:Verrrry Interrrestink! (thanks to Arte Johnson@Laugh-In)
PAS Tour Dates: Dec 66 - Feb 68
Flight or Section: 2008th Comm Sq
AFSC: 30430 start 30470 end
March 20, 2002 00:37:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Dick Moyer
Location:N. Pekin, IL
PAS Tour Dates: June '66 - Aug. '67
Flight or Section: Power House
AFSC: 54350
March 18, 2002 22:47:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Al Meek
Location:Lynnville, TN
Comments:Worked at STARCOM Relay. Assigned to 2008th AACS/AFCS. Roommates were Jim Myers and Bob Cappen. Hopped to Germany in May of 1962 with Bob Kennedy who tended bar at Airman's Club.
PAS Tour Dates: May 1961 - July 1962
Flight or Section: STARCOM Relay
AFSC: 291.50
March 17, 2002 23:07:49 (GMT Time)

Name:David E. Mitchell
Comments:I enjoyed your web page very much...hope to hear from someone that was there in 1962---1963....I was proud to return home from there myself...I have no desire to return even for a visit...
PAS Tour Dates: Dec 19,1961 thru 10 Apr 1963
Flight or Section: ?????????
AFSC: 29251
March 17, 2002 16:24:25 (GMT Time)

Name:John Strandquist
Comments:Great website. It brings back many memories of great guys and an interesting place.
PAS Tour Dates: Sept '67 - Dec '68
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: 20250
March 17, 2002 16:18:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Dale Morse
Location:Bath, NY 14810
Comments:Gary, Already registered thtough Milt, gave him quite a number of Army guys from '66-67. Most, but not all, were at SOU 23. Our barracks were directly across from the NCO club-VERY HANDEY--Moose
PAS Tour Dates: Dec '65 -Mar 67
Flight or Section: SOU 23 US Army
AFSC: 33B20-intercept equipt. repair
March 17, 2002 16:08:25 (GMT Time)

PAS Tour Dates: JUNE 66 - OCT 67
Flight or Section: BAKER ? 292
March 17, 2002 14:41:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Michael G. Traicoff (Mike)
Location:Detroit, Michigan
Comments:I was only there for nine months but is seems that a lot happened during that time. The work was of course very interesting but it seems we had a great deal of time for softball, bowling, and every bad movie that came on the station. I will never forget the trip to the Khyber Pass and stopping in Landi Kotal. As I was leaving, my leg was grabbed by one of the beggars sitting by the entrance to the bazaar. He started yelling at the top of this lungs for money.
PAS Tour Dates: October, 1968 to July, 1969
Flight or Section: Able
AFSC: R29252
March 17, 2002 04:29:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Andy Austin
Location:Miami, Florida ( & Tennesssean)
Comments:Peshawar Bandit, scourge of the Foreign Service ladies from Kabul, and loved beating them ditty-bops in football. Can't believe we still aren't allowed to go to Cuba after working those 20 hours straight back in October 1962! Went to Nam in '66 and Old Uncle Sam will let us go back for a visit anytime......
PAS Tour Dates: December 1961 - February 1963
Flight or Section: Peshawar Bandit
AFSC: 292(4)x0
March 17, 2002 04:17:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Kenneth J. Scobel
Location:Columbus, Indiana, originally Detroit, Michigan
Comments:Ground Radio Repair, worked at the Receiver Site.
PAS Tour Dates: December 1966 - March 1968
Flight or Section: 2008 Communication Squadron
AFSC: 30434
March 17, 2002 02:17:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Warren Stringham
Location:Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Comments:I arrived at PAS in late March 1968. I was there for 2 weeks when I was contacted by the Red Cross that my father had been killed in a car accident in California. I left PAS for a 30 day emergency leave and returned to finish my tour through April 1969. I got my fourth stripe (E5) while at PAS.
PAS Tour Dates: 3/1968 to 4/1969
Flight or Section:
AFSC: 99125Q
March 17, 2002 01:54:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Gary Rutledge
Location:Clinton Township, MI
Comments:Hope all enjoy the site.  Please send me any PAS photos or other memorabilia you would like displayed.  I can scan your photo or you can e-mail me your .jpg file.  Also looking for additional entries for the Alumni Memories page.
PAS Tour Dates: July 1966 - Oct. 1967 (2T from 6981st)
Flight or Section: Able 
AFSC: 292x1
March 16, 2002 14:05:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Joseph T. Soboul
Location:Browns Mills, New Jersey
Comments:Replaced Bill Schaule on Able Flt, as Mission Supervisor. George I. Mason was ops officer and SMSgt Harry F. Drake came about same time I did. I later served as Mission Supervisor on Dog Flt (?) but I'm not sure. As soon as I check my records, I'll update this info. Parshall Pickens was on Dawg as was "Redhead" Floyd (name escapes me)
PAS Tour Dates: Jul 1962 to Jul 1964
Flight or Section: Able Flt and Dog Flt (?)
AFSC: 292X1 TSgt
March 16, 2002 02:29:01 (GMT Time)

Name:John Sumpter
Location:Alexandria, VA
Comments:Of my 20 years in the AF, I rate Peshawar 1st or 2nd, believe it or not. The other contender is Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where I was with the Defense Attache in our Embassy. I learned a lot there. Probably the funniest thing that happened to me was Thanksgiving 1967 over at Don Joy's house in University City. His guard talked a guy walking a camel heading to Afghanistan to come into the yard, and my roomey (Charles Ziegler) and I tried to go for a ride. WRONG!! Camel threw us. :)
PAS Tour Dates: Apr 67 - Jul 68
Flight or Section: CBPO Admin Shop
AFSC: 70250
March 15, 2002 23:54:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Ben Thomas
Location:San Clemente CA
Comments:Enjoyed your website. Brought back memories from the summer of 68 and 69. Never thought that this part of the world would be the center of attention like it is now. Took R&R in Kabul. Recent pictures show me that it was a much more hospitable place than now. Old friends Simon Marks (frenchy), Vince Orendorff, roomies Al Ashcraft, Dick Lamphere, Bob(?) Jim Pierson.
PAS Tour Dates 8/68 to 9/69
Flight or Section C D flight
AFSC 292x1
March 15, 2002 03:02:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Dave Wanner
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina
Comments:Hope to contact some of my old flight mates and friends. Dave
PAS Tour Dates November 1965 to December 1966
Flight or Section Charlie Flight of the Peshawar Bandits
AFSC 29470
March 14, 2002 22:34:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Joel E. Taylor
Location:Keene, NH
PAS Tour Dates 1964-1965
Flight or Section Dog - Trailers
AFSC 292x0/294x0
March 14, 2002 15:44:39 (GMT Time)

Name:James L. (Jim) Turner
Location:Dothan, Al
Comments:Great WEB Page. Thanks to all who had a hand in putting it together. My family and I look back on our Peshawar tour often and rerun the old home movies. We remember the "Wall", Kyber Pass, Thieves Village, Kabul, Furniture Factories, Nature Boy, chip/putt golf course, bowling alley, movie theater etc. Thanks again for the "memories".
PAS Tour Dates 1966-1968
Flight or Section 2008 Communications Squadron
AFSC 307X0
March 14, 2002 15:36:10 (GMT Time)

Name:George Wigginton
Comments:Brings back allot of memories. I'll have to dig out some of the old pictures and pass them on
PAS Tour Dates 67-69
Flight or Section Able Animals
AFSC RY20250
March 14, 2002 15:26:30 (GMT Time)

PAS Tour Dates OCT 62-JAN 64
Flight or Section DAY LADY
AFSC Y20250
March 13, 2002 17:46:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Col Carl Grant
Location:Biloxi Ms
PAS Tour Dates Feb 61 to May 63
Flight or Section Acctg & Finance Officer
AFSC 6724
March 13, 2002 01:41:07 (GMT Time)

Name:Mike Yoder
Comments:Attention, Fred Cox (former Beancounter and Singer for "Six Below Zero"). Hey Fearless, your old bandmates would like to hear from you. Just to jog your memory banks, I took your place in the Finance Office. Worked with you for about 4 months before you rotated back to the world. I've given Milt a list of names of the people who worked in our section and in Data Processing. If you'd like to hear from Tim Sheean, email me. He tells me he'd like to hear from you.
PAS Tour Dates Dec. 67 - Feb 69
Flight or Section Accounting and Finance, 6937th
March 12, 2002 03:19:16 (GMT Time)

PAS Tour Dates MAR 63-64
AFSC 30454 & 30454Y
March 9, 2002 14:34:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Rick Nelson
Location:Reston, VA
Comments:T K Sahib
PAS Tour Dates Aug 68 - Jul 69
Flight or Section Days
AFSC 20250
March 6, 2002 15:00:05 (GMT Time)

Name:Dale Morse
Location:New York
Comments:In Army -SOU 23- 65-67 . Still wake up at nite sweating that I'm going back to Pakistan. I think that this site is great. Was assigned from Dec 65 thru Mar 67. Ours was a 15 month tour- TDY in Turkey because of India-Pakistan war, finally got to Pak in think May 66. Moose Moose
PAS Tour Dates 12/65-3/67
Flight or Section SOU -23 US Army
AFSC 33B20-intercept equipt. repair
March 1, 2002 00:11:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Stephen Yarymowicz Jr.
Location:Feeding Hills, Ma. 01030
Comments:I think the site is great. I found it a few weeks ago by accident and have been checking it every day for old friends and roomies. I miss the heat, rain. and the brown lizards by the snack bar poolside. Lot's of good memories from good buddies over there. I'm still waiting to hear from someone who was on "D" trick from 3/66 to 5/67. I'll keep in touch with the site.
PAS Tour Dates 3/66-to-5/67
Flight or Section Dog flt.
AFSC 292x1 (2T)
February 26, 2002 01:37:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Lenard Briggs
Location:Jacksonville, FL
PAS Tour Dates June 1963 - Sept. 1964
Flight or Section Baker Flight
AFSC 202
February 25, 2002 11:01:39 (GMT Time)