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Since it's formal closing in January 1969, little is known about the current state of the former Peshawar Air Station.  In December 1983, the Pakistan Air Force moved it's Basic Staff School to Camp Badaber, Peshawar.  According to a PAF publications, Camp Badaber is located in the suburbs of Peshawar city and offers its students various recreational and sporting facilities.  Facilities listed are:  Swimming pool (during summer); jogging track; gymnasium; tennis, squash, badminton and basketball courts; bowling alley; billiard room; and movie theatre.  Accommodation and messing facilities indicate that student officers are provided with fully furnished, air-conditioned single/ double occupancy rooms.

The following excerpts are from some e-mails that I have received over the past few years that offer some insight about the current state of Peshawar Air Station.

Gary Rutledge, Webmaster, 6937th / PAS Website

I am presently serving in Pakistan Air Force and residing in Badaber. Thanks to American fellows who left a lot for us. We are still using the same infastructure, same furniture and electricity/water system. Everything is so good that we always appreciate the efforts of those who created this station.

Flt Lt Salma Malik, Badaber, Peshawar (

(Posted to 6937th Guestbook, December, 2004)

While looking for some information on Peshawar, I came across your website.  I lived in Peshawar and as a kid in about 1968 or 1969, was invited to go with a team from Edwardes High School for a friendly basketball game at the USAF base at Badaber.  I have a vivid memory of getting a glimpse of what the United States must look like since the base was really "Little USA" in the middle of some very Pakistani scenery just outside its main gate.  Does anyone have any memory of that game?  Further, in 1991, I had the opportunity to visit the base (now occupied by the Pakistan Air Force) as my uncle was a Group Captain (Colonel) in the PAF.  The place looks pretty good, although some of the pavement on the streets has deteriorated.  The original street signs are still there.  The USAF must have done a good job since the place is virtually unaltered since I first saw it in 1968 or 1969.  The houses are still there as is the gym and swimming pools.  Everything seems to be kept in good working order.  Though my information is old, I thought the veterans who served in that place might want to know this.  Great pictures on the website."


 Zahir Din (Mr.), North York, ON

"Thanks for replying.  I am attaching the pictures of Badaber.  Please download them and I would certainly like to have contact with you.  If you have any pictures or documents relating to Badaber, can you send them by postal mail.  I will love to see them on hardcopy.  You all people who were at PAS must be having age now.  I would certainly like to have contact with you all people can we do something like that??  Anywayz, keep in touch."  


Saad Sulaiman

"Gary;   The base still exists and Pakistan Air Force have done a good job of maintaining it. It houses Air-force officers families and support staff. In fact when I was growing up we were bused from the base to and from Peshawar (16-mile long run each way) and it would take one hour average.
As you are aware of that Peshawar and it's surroundings are not a very peaceful place any more, due to Russian invasion of Afghanistan and subsequent dynamics.

I remember in early 70's living in the base and we were still using houseware and furniture left behind by American families. In fact you can still find a whole lots of furniture and articles in use at the base."

Thanks Again

Ahmad Khan
San Diego





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