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6937th Communications Group

Peshawar Air Station Roster Listing

The Peshawar Air Station Alumni Roster is now available for viewing in three different sort formats.  All roster data and files are maintained by Milton Fulghum and made available for posting on this website as updates are made.  All additions or corrections should be e-mailed to Milt.  This roster data is not an official record and all information has been developed through contacts with other alumni.  If you remember someone or see from copies of your old military orders a name that is not listed, let Milk know.

Sorted by Last Name (new April 25,2021)

Sorted by Tour Dates

Sorted by AFSC (new April 25,2021)

These files are large (up to 1.6MB), and depending on you connection speed, my take some time to download.  You will need Adobe Reader or another .pdf viewer to read these files.

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"Badaber is gone.  In life and in death it served a noble purpose.  Its spirit and memory will live on amidst the music of the spheres, refreshed alike by the soft chords of angelic harps and the harsh cacophony of electronic blips.  We shall not look upon its like again."

J. W. Spain, American Embassy, Rawalpindi, 06 Oct. 69

(Editors Note:  Little did J. W. Spain know in 1969 that the Spirit and Memory of Badaber (Peshawar Air Station) would live on thanks to the Internet, Social Media and the efforts of those that served there.  We definitely shall not look upon its like again.)

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