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The PAS Roster listing available on this website is maintained by Milt Fulghum.  This effort is independent of the website and all additions or updates should be sent directly to Milt.  Updated  29 July 2018.

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Peshawar Air Station Alumni Association

Join the Peshawar Air Station Alumni Association.  Click link below to vsit the PASAA webpage for all the details. 

"Uniting the Past with the Present through Goodwill and Friendship" 

PAS Ham Radio Net


PAS Alumni Amateur Radio Net

If interested in participating in a PAS SSB net, please send e-mail to


The Mystic Lamp

 The Mystic Lamp was the daily newspaper of Peshawar Air Station.  Click the lamp to view copies.

PDF files require Adobe Reader to view





Recent Photo of PAS Water Tower



6937th Communications Group
Peshawar Air Station, Peshawar, Pakistan

 The "Silent Warriors" of the United States Air Force Security Service

Peshawar Air Station
Alumni Reunion

Fairborn, Ohio
May 2-5, 2021


A popular place at Peshawar Air Station

News & Updates

Reunion #12 News - Tom Davis and Daun Yeagley have rescheduled the Reunion for May 2-5, 2021 at the Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn I-675
2800 Presidential Dr.
Fairborn, Ohio 45324
Phone: 937-426-7800

The program will include the delayed dedication of The PAS Memorial Plaque at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Click Here for reservations form.

Our speaker for the banquet at the reunion will be Debbie Desch Anderson. Debbie is the daughter of Joe Desch, who was in charge of developing the NCR Bombe that was used to break the German Enigma crypto machine messages. Click HERE TO READ her bio.

For more information please email Tom at

PASAA Memorial Plaque: A contract has been signed to have the PAS Memorial Plaque fabricated. Dodds Memorials of Xenia, Ohio is the manufacturer and will prepare and install the plaque. They will create a draft of the full sized plaque and submit it to an Air Force Historian for approval. The total cost for this is $2,277.63 and donations are needed. Download PASA_plaque.pdf to donate.

Reunion News - Reunion #11 of the the 6937th Communication Group / Peshawar Air Station Alumni was held April 28-May 1 at IP Casino Resort Spa (888-946-2847) in Biloxi, MS. organized by Tom Davis.

Reunion #10 was held in Omaha, NE, August 24 - 27, 2017 at the Embassy Suites Old Market. Tom Davis did a great in planning and organizing that event.

"In Memoriam - USA 60 Badaber" - View official Dept. of State message proclaiming the "death" of Peshawar Air Station (Badaber).  Thanks to Jim Turner for providing this link.  Click here to visit the office State Department article about the closing of Peshawar Air Station.

Saleem "Sal" Razzaq was the Editor of "The Mystic Lamp", the daily newspaper of Peshawar Air Station. Click on the lamp above to view copies dating back to the 60's.  Requires Adobe Reader to view (.pdf file).

Spencer Mitchell provided the photo on right of himself and a young Saleem (standing) as they prepared  The Mystic Lamp",

The first reunion of the PASAA (St. Louis, 2004) was dedicated to the memory of Col. Graydon K. "Rocky" Eubank, Commander, Jun 67 - Jun 69.  View his photos and memorabilia generously provided by the late Mrs. Eubank and daughter Karen.

Base closing ceremony photos have been provided by Bob Cochrane.

P A S On-line         

Sounds of PAS

Listen to PAS band Six Below Zero perform "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" recorded at the NCO Club.  Remember the Soul Survivors?  Hear their version of "House of the Rising Sun".  Set your dial to PAS 107 FM - Chuck Potts is the morning host in June, 1969.  Also, hear actual base closing announcements courtesy of AFRTS Peshawar and Radio Moscow.

Where were you during your USAFSS days?  Check out the clever rendition of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere".  Peshawar, Pakistan and many other locations mentioned.

P A S Today

Google Earth Satellite view of Peshawar Air Station - click image to view additional images.

"Freedom Through Vigilance"

This site is dedicated to the memory of the 6937th Communications Group and to all those stationed at  Peshawar Air Station.  PAS was established in 1958 as an isolated detachment of the United States Air Force Security Service located in a remote area south of the city of Peshawar, Pakistan.

The veterans of the 6937th are proud of their service.  It is the intent of this website to help preserve that pride by sharing the history and memories of this important intelligence unit while hopefully reuniting some past friendships or creating some new ones.  All alumni of PAS are welcome to send us their special memories, experiences, or photos that they would like included in this website.  All visitors are encouraged to sign the Guestbook and participate in the on-line Forum.

Special thanks to all the Alumni of Peshawar Air Station for their contribution to this website.  Without your photos, information, and above all, your encouragement, this project would not be possible. 

The Peshawar Air Station was formally closed on January 7, 1970, but the memories continue to live on for the "Peshawar Bandits" who served in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery page is not fully functional.  Individual photo links are currently inactive.  A new, improved photo gallery page is being developed and should be available soon.  Other features and links on this page remain active.

6937th Outstanding Unit Award (Update)

Phyl Brager did some research regarding the Outstanding Unit Award given for the period of 1 Jul 68 - 31 Dec 69.  Click the ribbon below to view the entry in "Air Force Pamphlet AFP-900-2" (Unit Decorations and Awards).  Page 131 lists the 6937th Comm Group -AFOUA W/V (with valor).

 P A S on You Tube


Bryan Nelson provides this video memory of his travel from Kansas City to Peshawar Air Station in 1967.    (Hit Play then double click video for full screen)


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"Badaber is gone.  In life and in death it served a noble purpose.  Its spirit and memory will live on amidst the music of the spheres, refreshed alike by the soft chords of angelic harps and the harsh cacophony of electronic blips.  We shall not look upon its like again."

J. W. Spain, American Embassy, Rawalpindi, 06 Oct. 69

 About This Site

It wasn't long after Sept. 11, 2001 that all the newscasts were filled with stories and commentary about Pakistan and  Afghanistan.  Memories of my time at Peshawar Air Station came flooding back.  Having lived in that part of the "world" for 15 months of my life, it wasn't difficult to understand many of the issues that the rest of the country was now hearing about for the first time. 

I had long wanted to try my hand at developing a website - one that could generate a following and would have sufficient content to keep everyone's interest.  Thus, was born in October 2001.  This is a work in progress and a special thanks and appreciation has to be given to all those fellow alumni of Peshawar Air Station for their ongoing contribution and commitment to this site.

 My time at PAS was from July 1966 to Sept. 1967 as a 2T Staff, 292x1 Dittybopper on Able Flight.  I look forward to hearing from other PAS Alumni as we all work to keep the spirit and memory of PAS alive.

Gary Rutledge



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